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How can Psychotherapy and Counselling help?

Psychotherapy and Counselling provides a safe space in which personal concerns, conflicts and problems can be explored with a therapist or counsellor in an atmosphere of trust and confidentiality-a setting in which new solutions to old problems may be found. This can occur in an individual or group setting. The process involves talking about whatever is on your mind and you are encouraged to reflect on feelings, thoughts, fears, memories and dreams. The therapist and/or group, can help you to understand your unconscious which affects your conscious thinking and behaviour.

Who may be helped?

Psychotherapy and counselling may be helpful to those who:

*have problems in their relationships with others.

*feel isolated and find it difficult to make and maintain relationships.

*suffer from anxiety, depression and other emotional and sexual difficulties.

*suffer from work related stress.

*need help in coming to terms with painful and traumatic events in their lives such as loss.

*lack self confidence and self esteem.

*feel overwhelmed with life and unable to cope.

*have difficulty with dealing with feelings of guilt, shame, frustration or anger.

*experience a loss of meaning in their lives.

*confusion about their identity.

*may be interested in personal development and in developing their own creativity.

We are able to offer our services online as well as in person. We have consulting rooms in Islington, Archway, Hackney, Haringey, Finsbury Park, London Bridge, Queens Park, Chingford, Euston.
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